Of course one of the pleasures of being on holiday is not having to cook each evening. So, having a delicious meal prepared for you is not only the perfect end to the day, it’s also a great start to your evening.

In fact good food is really important to us. That is why we go overboard to make it a big part our of quests’ stay here at the Holmsdale Hotel. Maybe that’s why so many people tell us that dinner is the real highlight of their day when they stay with us at our hotel.

Nothing too fancy mind, you won’t need a foreign phrase book for our menu. It’s English style but cooked to perfection. Home cooked roast meats, fish like a delicious poached Scottish salmon. Together with fresh vegetables and salads. Then there is a choice of sweets each evening that would tempt Rosemary Conley off a diet.

Details of our bar and drinks selection…


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